This charming old farmhouse, immersed in plant life, is only a stone’s throw from the golden sandy beaches of Marina di Ragusa’s crystal clear blue sea and its World Heritage historical sites. If you’ve ever thought of discovering the wonders of Sicily, well then, all those emotions you feel for this island will transform into love at first sight on arrival. The island’s bright sun and colors will dazzle your eyes and its sounds and flavors will envelope your senses in a warm embrace: the welcoming embrace only Sicilians know how to give!

We at Mangiabove will do everything possible to make sure that you are at the center of these magnificent experiences, immersing you in an ever changing countryside, with its colors and scents different at each season, and a splendid sea, so close you can feel it at your side, ready to be touched.

An old farm that sits on a natural terrace, its old stables faithfully renovated into apartments... here’s history in the remaking...


guest house a Ragusa

Each and every one of our services has been designed to give you only the very best because the Sicily we want you to discover and experience begins at Mangiabove.


Endless golden beaches, nature reserves, archeological sites and all the cultural and artistic events offered in the area are at a stone’s throw from the Mangiabove Guesthouse.